Twitter Chat

Our Twitter Chat service is similar to a Live TwitterStream. A TwitterStream can be branded  but a Twitter Chat page is not branded. The layout and design are based on the style of our site However we can implement a sidebar with your specific content. Also, a TwitterChat is used for a short period of time, only during the chat itself.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is perfect to interact with your fans through Twitter during a brief period of time. It is used like a traditional chatbox but now people use Twitter and tweets to interact with you. A Twitter Chat is a single webpage where we show your own tweets, tweets with a specific hashtag (or more hashtags) and keywords. Above the stream there’s a Tweetbox. People type in text, connect with their Twitter account and click ‘Tweet’. Their tweet will appear in the stream. You as the organizer, can easily follow tweets and respond in the same way. Realtime interactivity to the max!

For Who?

A Twitter Chat is a great way to interact with fans. If you’re a politician, a company, webcare department or any other organisation that wants direct contact with clients and fans through Twitter, a Twitter Chat is a great and innovative way of client engagement!

Limited period of time

Due to the nature of chat, a Twitter Chat should be short, we think 1 to max 2 hours is great.

If you want to interact with your fans think of how a Twitter Chat can be of use in your specific situation. Please note that a Twitter Chat does not require any effort from you except for interacting with your fans!