Social Homepage

A Social Homepage is a mini website about yourself and your online presences; your social identity.

A Social Homepage is not only a great personal branding opportunity but also a great way to have a single page with all your online presences. We believe we’re the first on the globe with this type of dynamic homepages!

Our online business card looks awesome, it gathers your tweets, lists your social profiles and does not require any effort from you to setup or maintain. All about you, all around the web, in one single dynamic personal homepage; your online business card.

What is a Social Homepage?

Like most people you have probably personal accounts on several social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and probably more. That are lot’s of links which are difficult to organize and communicate and they do not fit on a business card.

On a Social Homepage, sometimes we call it our ‘Social Card’, we’ll bring it all together. Your Social Homepage is a single webpage which displays all your tweets and may include widgets with your photo’s, video’s, texts, news from your blog and links to all your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Vimeo and many more. People can easily follow your tweets, perhaps your favorite hashtag, send you a tweet from the same page, click to your social profiles, read your texts, your Facebook updates and, if you have a personal or corporate website or weblog with a RSS feed, we can show news from your sites.

Our Social Homepage is a dynamic one stop marketing and profiling tool at very low costs. At the same time it does not require any effort of you to setup or maintain, it updates itself with your tweets! Why not use our Social Homepage as your online business card? One page, all your public information you want to share.

For who?

Recognize this? You own a Twitter account, follow several hashtags on Twitter, have a Facebook account, post video’s on YouTube, post to your own blog and website and you have several websites in the favorites list in your browser. Lot’s of links! And you need to communicate these links to your family, colleagues, clients and prospects. And which links do you put on your traditional paper business card?  Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single page where it all comes together? Just one page with all your social profiles. Just one link on your business card!

Costs are low, no maintenance so no effort, great eye-catching page! No need to send all these links from all individual social networks to your friends, just send the link to your Social Homepage and you’re done.


Yes, there are several solutions on the web where you create an online profile with all your links and photo’s. But…you probably have to pay to remove advertisements from your page. Secondly they basically all look the same and more importantly, they’re static and boring! Our Social Homepages are alive and update themselves! Everytime you send a tweet, your Social Homepage is automatically updated.

Default versus branded design

Very important is the look of your Social Homepage. There are three options regarding the design of your Social Homepage.

  1. The first option is to use the design of our own site It’s clean, fast and we can put it online within max 2 days.
  2. The second option is to take over the design of your own website/weblog, if you have one. Your Social Homepage will have the same look and feel as your blog or site. Think of fonts, colors, banners and images, links and a background image.
  3. The third option is to create a custom layout for you. This requires your input regarding the different aspects like fonts, colors, background, images, photo’s, etc. If you prefer a custom layout, we’ll send you an email with questions so that we know how to start building your Social Homepage.

Tweet content

Tweets form the main part of your Social Homepage. You can decide to show only your own tweets, you can choose to add retweets and mentions in your stream, you can even select a specific language. If you frequently use or follow a certain hashtag (#), we can also add these tweets in the stream. Lastly we are able to show tweets with certain keywords. You name it, we show it on your dynamic homepage.


If you want to stimulate people to interact with you by using Twitter we recommend to add a so called TweetBox. This means that your visitors connect on your page with their Twitter account and they can, while reading tweets, tweet directly from the same page.


On the right, or on the left, there’s space for a sidebar. In this sidebar we can put a selection of components and widgets. Think of showing RSS news from your weblog if you own one, your photo’s (from Flickr), video’s (from YouTube or Vimeo), a Facebook Like box and social widgets with links to your own website and to all your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and more (view all 50 profiles on the right). We can even link to your email newsletter subscription page if you own one.


A Social Homepage is a great addition and starting page to profile yourself. It’s a new marketing channel which does not require any effort of you and the one-time costs are very low. At the same time you have a single online business card where we gather content for you. Also we provide links to all your social networks on the same page. Try us and order your own Social Homepage now.

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