Live TwitterStream

A live TwitterStream is a great additional and low cost marketing channel which does not require any effort of you to setup or maintain. The Twitter Stream is a great way to create buzz before your event. It can also be used after the event. In this way you can continue and extend your event, especially when the offline event has taken place.

If you want to have TwitterStream to project tweets on large screens during your live event, check our Event Twitter Wall.

What is a live TwitterStream?

Our TwitterStream solution is great to reach people who are interested in your upcoming event. They can follow the online discussion and participate in an easy manner.

You as the organizer use the stream to attract attention and promote your event. You use the stream to follow your event hashtag. Your Live TwitterStream has a sidebar with links to your websites, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts and links to your company website, your event website and perhaps to your newsletter subscription page.

The TwitterStream itself gathers not only your own tweets but also tweets with your event hashtag. The online discussion starts weeks before you event!

Your TwitterStream can also include a Tweetbox (see below).

A Twitter Stream does not need to be maintained. People can easily follow your tweets and are able to participate in the online Twitter discussion by sending tweets from the same page. They can click to your social profiles and read your texts; it’s an additional marketing and profiling tool at very low costs and does not require any effort of you.

For who?

Twitter is mainstream at offline events like business events, seminars, concerts, live shows but also at election and campaign time and during sports events. And what about a live stream for your TweetUp or Social Media event? Event organizers who want to make the event successful should focus on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. By using a Live TwitterStream we bring it all together!


Sure, there are alternatives, even free alternatives. But note that several of these free solutions do have advertisements or you have to pay  for certain functionality. Next to that, be careful with streams that are built in Flash. Flash is not supported on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. If you use such a stream, around 50% of your audience is NOT able to use it! We don’t use Flash and have no hidden or recurring costs.


Very important is the look and feel of your TwitterStream. There are three options regarding the design of your TwitterStream.

  1. The first option is to use the design of our site It’s clean, fast and quickly to implement.
  2. The second option is to take over the design of your own (corporate) website/weblog, if you have one. Your Twitter Wall will have the same look and feel as your blog or site and gives the stream a personal touch and is in line with your corporate branding.
  3. The third option is to create a custom layout for you. This requires your input regarding the different aspects like fonts, colors, background, images, etc.


A Twitter Stream has a sidebar on the right or on the left. In this sidebar its possible to put a wide variety of components/widgets. Think of showing off your new articles from your website through RSS, your corporate logo, photo’s (from Flickr), video’s from YouTube or Vimeo, social widgets with links to your own website and to your (social) networks like Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube and Linkedin pages. We can even link directly to your email newsletter subscription page.


We think a Live TwitterStream is a must have for those who are serious about engaging with fans around their cause or event. It triggers people to interact with you and other fans of your brand. Our TwitterStream is a great way to interact with people who are not able to attend an event; they easily can participate through Twitter from home or at the office and you can direct them to your other corporate resources!

A TwitterStream must be part of your event planning and is an additional marketing channel for your event and company. There are no recurring costs and the one-time costs are very low, especially when you consider the overall cost of organizing an event. If you want to project tweets live at your event, we advise you to look at our Event Twitter Wall.
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