Event Twitter Wall

An Event Twitter Wall is a great low cost eye-catching marketing channel for your event which does not require any effort from you to setup or maintain. An Event Twitter Wall is there to be projected on site, live at your event, for your visitors, clients and prospects. Read on!

What is an Event Twitter Wall?

Our Event Twitter Walls are branded webpages which display all tweets from your own Twitter account, other Twitter accounts, tweets with your event hashtag and/or tweets with specifc keywords. The Event Twitter Wall can be used at your live event and can be shown through PC’s by using beamer attacheds, TV’s and even a video wall.

Like all other Walls and Streams the Event Twitter Wall does NOT need to be maintained. People can easily follow your tweets. If they send a tweet with your hashtag, the tweet will appear on the Event Twitter Wall in your venue. Our Event Twitter Walls are also accessible by mobiles phones and tablets. We do not use Flash so also Apple fans are able to follow and participate in the conversation.

For who?

Twitter is mainstream at offline events like business events, seminars, concerts, live shows, TweetUps but also at elections and campaign time and during sports events. Event organizers who want to make their offline event an online success should focus on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. An Event Wall is a must have feature during your live event.


The look and feel of your Event Twitter Wall is very important. There are three possibilities regarding the design of your Wall.

  1. The first option is to use the design of your own (corporate) website/weblog, if you own one. Your Event Twitter Wall will have the same look and feel.
  2. Secondly; if you don’t have a website or weblog, you use our standard design.
  3. The third option is that we create a custom layout. This requires your input regarding the different aspects like fonts, colors, background, images, etc.


We believe an Event Twitter Wall is a must have at live events. It shows the buzz around your live event and it triggers people to interact with you and other attendants. The Wall shows real-time things people say and share on your event. You can use it to communicate the latest news related to the event. We can even modify the text on the Wall during the event in case you want to make, for example, announcements or to communicate the next presentation.

The Event Twitter Wall must be part of your event planning and is a low cost additional marketing channel which does not require any effort from you. The total costs are very low, especially compared with the overall cost for organizing an event. An Event Twitter Wall is great in combination with a Live TwitterStream which has more options and is a perfect marketing channel before and after an event.
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