What’s the difference between Walls, Streams, Chats and Social Homepages.

A Social Homepage is a dynamic personal or company homepage where we show tweets and where you will find a sidebar with space for photo’s, video’s, text, social widgets and even news from RSS feeds. It’s a dynamic online business card where visitors can easily read your tweets, your news or click to all your social networks (you can choose from approx. 50 social networks)

Live TwitterStreams are showing tweets around one or more hashtags, Twitter accounts or keywords. On a Live TwitterStream page there’s also space (a sidebar) where we can add many different widgets.

Event Twitter Walls also gather tweets with one or more hashtags, Twitter accounts and keywords. However, an Event Twitter Wall is used for projection and does not have space for a sidebar (as it is not usefull).

Social Walls gather public content from multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or from RSS feeds.

Twitter Chats are basically a Live TwitterStream but one for a specific purpose, one hashtag and for a short period of time.

Twangouts combine your Twitter Chat with your Google+ Hangout into one single page: audio, video and tweets.

All Homepages, Walls and Streams can be created in the style and design of our site TweetStreams.org but can also be branded in your own personal or company style.

Why can’t I use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck?

Sure you can use Hootsuite and/or Tweetdeck. Great tools to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare accounts. Even better, we’re Hootsuite owls ourselves for some years. But, these producs are tools build for individuals and teams to manage your social networks. We take social one step further and create dynamic Social Homepages, great looking TwitterStreams and Event Twitter Walls to facilitate the discussion around offline events. Don’t tell us that you’re projecting your Hootsuite dashboard and timeline on a big video wall!

Do I need special hardware for your Streams and Walls?

Nope, all our Walls, Streams and Homepages are plug ‘n play. You do NOT require any additional hardware. As your Stream, Wall or Homepage is available on the public internet only a PC with an internet connection is required. Obviously you can connect your PC to a beamer or video wall and project your page at your live event.

Why should I work with you and not use the Twitter widget? It’s recently updated!

Twitter.com offers you the possibility to embed tweets into your website. There are several pros to work with us, find below a few.

  1. We do the work, you let us know what you want and we build your stream. Just let us know what you want and you don’t need to have HTML knowledge.
  2. Our streams run on our server so there’s no need to make changes on your website or webserver. Especially for companies where Marketing and Communication departments do not have direct access to the site and pages, it’s easier to ‘outsource’ the work and the hosting of your stream.
  3. If you use the Twitter widget you can set the size (width and height) of the stream. If there are more tweets than what the widget can shows, you will have an ‘in page scrollbar’. We don’t like scrollbars inside pages. It doesn’t look professional. In our streams there will be no scrollbar.
  4. The Twitter widget has just two ‘themes’, a light and a dark version. We can create any layout, design and colors so that your stream matches completely with your personal or corporate brand.
  5. The Twitter widget always shows ‘Expand’ below a tweet and also show a Tweetbox. In case you want to project streams at a live event, the expand option and the Tweetbox are irrelevant and not wanted.
  6. Twitter.com is, obviously, only about tweets. Our Social Walls are able to fetch content from a variety of social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo and others. We can even fetch news from RSS sources.

Great these walls but show me examples.

Great that you like what you see. We have selected a wide range of samples and demo’s on our showcases page. Please note that, until September 2 2012, we have implemented 750+ Personal Walls, Twitter Walls, Social Walls and Twitter Chats.

How long does it take to setup a live Stream or Social Wall?

Usually it will take 1 to 2 days to implement an initial version of your Stream or Wall. If you require a branded TwitterStream or Social Wall it may take a day or two longer, denpending on your exact requirements.

How does to the process works?

First you need to decide what type of wall you require. Check our services page for all options. Once you decided what you want request a quote. Please provide as much information and requirements so that we do have enough information for a quote. Think of fonts, colors, hashtags, Twitter accounts, logo, link to your social networks and links where we can find more information. The more information we receive, the faster we can send you a quote, the sooner your stream or wall is online.

Then we’ll contact you by email and provide you with a quote. Once you accept the quote let us know by email. With your info we will create a 1st version of your wall. If the 1st release is ready (one or two days, mainly depending on the complexity of the layout/design) we will send you the link to your wall. You can then send us any changes you require, we understand that once you see your wall things a gtting more perspective. We will adjust the wall wtih your feedback. After two or three times we believe your wall should be ready to go live. Check The Process here.

Where can I find pricing information?

Check our pricing page which give a good idea or download our brochure.

Do I have to pay a setup fee?

No, there are no setup fees. Prices on our site are all-in, on-time, excluding taxes.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we don’t have contracts. We provide you with an ‘all-in-one’ quote and there we go. It’s a one time project, one bill, no contracts, no obligations, ‘no hidden costs but great Streams and Walls!

I want multiple streams, is there a discount?

When you have a requirement for multiple streams, please contact us. We’re sure that we have a special offer for you.

Default streams and branded streams?

A default stream is using the layout and design of OUR site TweetStreams.org. It’s cool, clean, professional and quick to implement. A branded stream has the layout of YOUR site. Branded streams are obviously more professional and are a must have for professional events which attract a large amount of visitors online and offline. However if you have a small event with few people attend and not that much exposure, a default stream is a great eye-catcher to start with.

What will be the URL of my Stream, Wall or Chat?

We host your Streams, Walls, Chats and Social Homepages on our server. The URL to your page will be TweetStreams.org/<your name>.
Some examples, http://TweetStreams.org/BarackObama or http://TweetStreams.org/mycompany. Obviously you choose the name.

Who are you?

TweetStreams.org is an initiative of the company mySocialNetwork. We are a young company based in the Netherlands and have many years experience with internet, intranet, social media and web development. Check our contact page for more info. TweetStreams.org is a private initiative and is not part of nor related with Twitter. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter Inc.
Disclaimer: TweetStreams.org is not responsible for content on the site. We gather public content from many different sources like Twitter.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com and other social networks. We don’t create or choose any of the content that appears on TweetStreams Social Homepages, TwitterStreams or Walls.